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Anti-gravity cat

June 17th, 2008 | Category: A bit of fun

My daughter drew my attention to this mysterious new feline development. It appears that a cat has discovered te secret of flight…


It’s kind of mystical.

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The dangers of engaging with your consumer – Is P&G really listening at all?

June 17th, 2008 | Category: Consumer centred,Opinions

I just found this article from the LA Times about how to make social networking technologies work for you. As I see social networking tools as having quite a role to play in engaging consumers in product co-creation in future, I had a good read through. However, the part of the article which caught my attention described how consumers had complained repeatedly about the packaging on the message board and yet didn’t seem to have been listened to. I might be being a bit niaive but this is P&G we are talking about here and I was shocked that the¬†Tide message board didn’t contain any response from the company. I thought P&G was supposed to be good at listening to¬†it’s customers. I thought the consumer was their boss. I’ve had a look on¬† myself and¬†it seems to be full of unanswered complaints and customers¬†“itching and switching” (just made up that¬†phrase – perhaps a career in advertising awaits)¬†away from¬†Tide.¬†If you look carefully there is an occasional positive comment but in the ratio of about 1 in 30. I’m not quite sure what the P&G plan is for the site but it doesn’t seem to have worked in terms of engaing consumers in the Tide brand. As an innovator, I couldn’t help myself so I¬†started to pick out some potential breakthrough areas which might¬†resonate¬†for a lot of consumers (what about a Tide product which avoided animal testing for example?). I think P&G actually could have a very useful innovation and brand building resource here with their website but only when they start to show the world that they can listen.ÔŅĹ

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44 surprising things you can eat and indigestion

Hmm… have you ever considered eating your chair, or perhaps using a deodorant which you eat rather than apply to your skin? These products and another 42 others are listed on the trendhunter website. Some other dishes you might be tempted by include:

an edible FIAT Panda car advert

an ingestible robot (yummy)

an edible menu

edible shoe cream (now why didn’t I think of that?)

and finally….

ingestible silver pills for 24 hours of sparkly poo

The Trendhunter website talks a good fight, but I got a sinking feeling when I started to review some of the content, you know the feeling, a bit like when you’ve eaten something which didn’t really agree with you. Anyone for cardboard bicycles and MP3 doorbells? Who said these were the start of anything apart from a headache? OK I won’t give up on it right away, you’ve got to give these things a chance, even though I object to the rumbly feeling I get when I try to digest something that has been hyped like¬†Trendhunter has.

Right now though I would say that trendwatching is a far better place to find out about up and coming consumer trends. I’ll keep you posted.

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