Jul 11

Result of change survey – what can you do to improve your success rate?

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Innovation and change are often very closely linked. In my view, innovative thinking requires a certain mindset shift and changing behaviour to create a more innovative culture often requires some kind of change initiative, so when I received a report from Mike Bird of Bloomstorm, it made interesting reading. The main conclusions were:

  • Half of those surveyed thought that most change initiatives fail
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents thought that no more than half of all change initiatives get the buy-in they need
  • More than half of those surveyed stated that forced or imposed projects fail
  • Senior and front-line management were seen to be almost twice as important as any other business function, including training or IT, in terms of their value to successful change implementation

In short, the respondents believed that most business change initiatives have a slim chance of success. Mike goes on to say that if we want our change initiatives to succeed in the future we need to adopt alternative strategies to those we use currently.



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