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Latest experiences with Nine Sigma – Open Innovation

September 08th, 2008 | Category: Open Innovation

Well, as promised in a previous post, I’ve submitted another proposal to Nine Sigma. Mindful of my previous experiences, I was very careful to make sure that the client was actually open for real breakthrough innovation. In fact, when I clarified the client’s desires, I was so inspired by the problem as posed that I submitted two proposals. In particular, I really liked the clients wish to seek out breakthrough technologies for their problem (increasing the feed rate of alumnium sheets for car body panels) and for innovative approaches that have not yet been applied in this industry. This request suited me down to the ground and I was able to combine a TRIZ analysis of the problem with some in depth, patent assisted, research into interesting technological fields. Following this approach, I was also able to generate a patent which differed significantly from any prior art I could find. So, a good experience so far with Nine Sigma on my latest proposal. Hopefully this time I might get more than a little interest – I’ll find out more in a few weeks if previous experience is a guide.

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