Dec 9

Time for principles in Open Innovation?

Having been working in the field of Open Innovation for some time and having come across a number of Open Innovation “victims”, I’ve been reflecting on the need for some statement of principles around Open Innovation. To this end, I have prepared someĀ ground rulesĀ for Open Innovation and in upcoming posts I will set out to share these. I’m doing this to provoke some debate or reaction and also to check my thinking. Watch this space for more.


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  1. Jana Gƶrs December 17th, 2009 9:49 pm

    Hm, sounds familiar. Form your observation of the “victims”: What went wrong?

    In Germany Open Innovation was one of the number one trends of 2009. But only very few organisations know actually how to use open innovation. There is this assumption that open innovation is “only” getting ideas from customers. But these companies are missing the point in open innovation …

    That happens a lot. You can obeserve it even in discussions of online communities.

  2. john February 5th, 2010 7:56 pm

    From what I’ve seen of the Open Innovation “victims”(and I don’t think that many of them would see themselves this way)the key issue is trust. These companies will have invested significant effort to respond to an RFP for example only to be treated poorly e.g. long delays in responding, strangely worded questions and lack of transparency about the motives of the seeker. At the end, they most probably get a rejection from the client and from their point of view it is often hard to know if their IP has been stolen subsequently or if their time was wasted helping another company to do some cheap technology scouting. The outcome is that many of them refuse to have anything to do with Open Innovation from then on.

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