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CoCatalyst helps its clients in leading innovation minded companies to boost their internal innovation capabilities and to find market breakthrough product solutions which really hit the innovation “sweet spot”.┬áWe do this by targeting and implementing highly relevant and differentiating technology solutions

CoCatalyst definition: “a chemical which when added in small amounts to an existing reaction greatly accelerates both the yield and reaction rate.”

Imagine your innovation process as a chemical reaction; would you like to get more from it? Why not add a small amount of CoCatalyst to the mix.

At CoCatalyst, we work extremely hard to deliver results to our clients which consistently and radically exceed expectation. We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients and see ourselves as stakeholders in our clients business growth. We succeed when our clients succeed. We use and develop state of the art innovation tools to support and enhance our delivery.

CoCatalyst has proven expertise in:

-Open Innovation and targeted networking

-Identification of market Breakthrough Products

-Providing no-compromise solutions to Intractable technology problems

-Technology forecasting

-Training in leading innovation techniques such as TRIZ  to industry recognised standards

-IP management and Patenting sevices



“CoCatalyst worked with us on two important Open Innovation projects and provided excellent value for money. Using their unique approach, CoCatalyst were able to connect us quickly with new contacts and technologies which have yielded significant results for our development plans. In both projects they were able to provide a detailed mapping of existing technologies and players and in-depth advice about potential new partners and technologies. I would not hesitate to recommend CoCatalyst as a key partner in future Danone Open Innovation projects.”

Olivier Goniak, Prospective Manager, Active Health Ingredients, DANONE RESEARCH


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  1. vic kley July 21st, 2010 7:18 pm

    InnoCentive has real problems for the solver know any similar “broker” who is balanced?

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