Breakthrough Innovation – FREE WEBINAR

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Breakthroughs are comparitively rare in modern industry. To achieve a step change from the status quo requires both a particular kind of challenging mind-set and the dogged commitment to invest significant time and resources in what will most likely be a random, trial-and-error search for a better way to do things. Given the uncertainty of a successful outcome, it’s perhaps even more surprising that we see the breakthroughs that we do! At the same time, arguably, the pressure for things to be done radically differently has never been greater, to make major reductions in our use of resources, energy and in cost and to provide important new benefits to our customers.

What if there was a way we could identify and develop big impact, transformational solutions systematically and with maximum certainty? If there was, wouldn’t you want to find out more? Well, at CoCatalyst, we have developed a proven systematic process for rapid, low risk breakthrough innovation. I’d like to invite you to attend a FREE WEBINAR on Friday 3rd February so I can share our Directed Open Innovation approach with you and demonstrate a little of what it can do. The webinar will start at 2.00pm GMT and will last for a maximum of 60 minutes.

If you would like to attend, please contact me for details or just click on this link and if asked use the meeting number of 956 043 476 and meeting password “innovate”

See you there!