Directed Open Innovation Webinar – free slideshow

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Last week I presented a webinar outlining the CoCatalyst Directed Open Innovation approach. Judging by the feedback at the end of the session the presentation seemed to be pretty well received – thanks to all of you who attended. As requested by a couple of the participants, here is a link to our free downloads section where you can find the slideshow I presented.

One of the founding concepts of our process is that at the heart of any serious technological problem or need situation, there is a conflict. When we have a conflict, we find we can only achieve one important outcome at the expense of another; for example, if we want a mechanical structure to be stronger then we have to make it heavier or if we want a manufacturing operation to be more precise then we are forced to sacrifice productivity in return. Within our process, we have specific steps where we map the problem within its context and create functional models of the initial situation. These activites enable us to rapidly uncover the true conflicts (there are often more than one) at the heart of the problem. We use these fresh insights into the true nature of the problem to target the functionality needed to deliver no-compromise solutions; we use our network to connect to leading areas where this functionality is routinely delivered (so called “ready made” solutions from parallel industries).

In the presentation we share a case study which details the steps we took to identify a revolutionary solution to a challenging automotive sensing problem, a solution which is now protected by various international patents. Not only did our solution completely eliminate the original dilemma faced by our automotive client but it also introduced the potential for new benefits over any previous solution.

If you haven’t got time to look through the full slideshow and just want an overview of our Directed Open Innovation process click here; on the other hand if you still have a burning desire to find out even more once you’ve finished with the slideshow, feel free to contact me and I’ll talk you through some of our other case studies.