Agile Innovation Management

Dear {subscriber_first_name},

I wonder if you can help. I’m looking for product developers and innovators who can provide input to a book I’m writing. Your knowledge and experience could be invaluable. I’ve been inspired to explore a new approach to innovation. I’m working with a colleague to translate “agile” development methods from the software industry to other areas of product development. The book will explain how you can apply agile principles in your business. Based on results I’ve seen for software projects, benefits could include reduced time to market, increased product quality and lower development cost. I’m hoping you can provide feedback on the book and, if possible, suggest some “real world” innovation examples.

I don’t have much to offer in exchange for your input, maybe a short mention in the text, perhaps a free copy of the book. I’ll gratefully accept whatever help you can offer. Please let me know if you would like to get involved.

Finally, if I’m not too late, I’d like to wish you a successful and enjoyable 2013.