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“It’s going to cost how much?” After several sleepless nights, the project manager has just shared a terrible secret with the management team – the new product will cost far more than anyone expects. Blame and recrimination inevitably follows and everyone commits to to do a much better job of monitoring cost in future. Is this an isolated case? Not from what I hear. It seems that many design teams are struggling to stay in control of product cost during new product development. Perhaps as a result, at CoCatalyst 2014 has been the year of Design for Cost. We’ve been busy working with several clients to help them get better control of their costs during design. We’ve shown them how to budget costs across different elements of their products from the earliest stage, track their costs against targets, identify better value solutions and improve design for manufacture of their components. Our approach is based on proven tools such as Value Analysis, TRIZ and Lean, combined in a new way to provide a comprehensive and easy to use toolkit so design teams can manage cost through their projects. Maybe we can help you too. If you would like to find out how Design for Cost could support your project I’d like to invite you to a FREE WEBINAR on Thursday 23rd October. The webinar will start at 2.00pm GMT and will last for a maximum of 60 minutes.

If you would like to come along, please contact me for details or just click here and if asked use the meeting number of 957 802 330 and meeting password “COST”

See you there