About Us

John Cooke, founder of CoCatalyst Ltd. is a seasoned innovation expert with over 20 years experience working for Mars Inc. During this time John was responsible for innovations which helped make the FLAVIA office coffee brand one of the fastest growing Mars brands. John has expertise in a number of key innovation practices. In particular, he has been able to simplify and apply TRIZ to deliver high business impact solutions to real world problems and seek out breakthrough, patentable solutions repeatably. John has a portfolio of over 50 international patents, many of which were developed using TRIZ.
John is an avid networker and through CoCatalyst Ltd he has brought together a network of experienced and highly capable associates with complementary skills who are ready and eager to tackle a wide range of innovation challenges. We are currently active in the medical, energy, food and automotive industries.

Cocatalyst Ltd. is registered in England and Wales,

Company number: 6545637.

Registered office: Wise & Co.,Wey Court West,
Union Road,
Farnham, Surrey G9
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