TRIZ Consulting

TRIZ is based on the study and analysis of literally millions of patents, representing a vast resource recording the strongest inventive solutions which have been generated over the last fifty years. This study has highlighted clear patterns of evolution of technological systems which repeat across diverse industries. Using this knowledge of the “voice of the product” it is possible to take out a large part of the guess work normally associated with predicting where an industry will develop and create robust technology Road-Maps and very strong solutions to industry limiting issues. Within TRIZ there are very powerful tools which enable inventive, patentable solutions to be identified for long standing technology problems and provide important insights into next generation systems for a specific industry sector. In the area of TRIZ, CoCatalyst provides two key services:

1. Problem Solving and improvement of existing products and technologies
Our problem solving process gets to the core of the conflict which causes the problem and in parallel charts a path towards an ideal outcome to the problem situation. This approach makes it possible to quantify the effectiveness and strength of any solution generated. This process is particularly suited to:

  • Long standing product reliability issues
  • Quality issues
  • Performance improvement
  • Project stalling problems
  • Cost reduction
  • 2. Prediction and development of next generation technologies and products
    Our technology evolution process analyses the evolution of an industry and it’s technologies and uses TRIZ tools to predict the strongest future technology directions. It is particularly suitable for:

  • Preparing and developing a reliable technology Road-Map
  • Identifying concepts for next-generation technology and products
  • Finding ways around competitors’ blocking patents
  • Creating your own “patent fences”