UK TRIZ User Group

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Just to let you know that I’ve started a new group on LinkedIn – the UK TRIZ User Group. The purpose of this group is to advance TRIZ usage in the UK, to make the topic of TRIZ more accessible, to share learning and insights around TRIZ and to enable TRIZ to make a stronger contribution to UK based innovation. Even though the group has a UK based title I’d still very much like to hear from people in other locations. The main reason why I’ve targeted the UK for this group is because, compared with many other countries, this country lags behind in adoption of TRIZ and it would be nice if this group could help to change this situation.

The UK TRIZ User Group is for people who want to get more from TRIZ, for people who want real innovation results from applying TRIZ thinking and TRIZ tools. You don’t need to be an expert in TRIZ to join this group, you don’t even need to have attended formal TRIZ training; you just need to be curious and engaged with the topic. We will aim for clarity as far as possible, we want this to be a forum which takes the gobbledegook out of TRIZ so that you can understand and use it. Once you’ve used TRIZ and been successful with it let us know about your experiences so that we can learn together.

Why not have a look at the Group and get involved?