MATRIZ (International TRIZ Association) Public Training

MATRIZ is an acronym for the International TRIZ Association based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Apart from developing TRIZ and organising conferences, the main roles of MATRIZ is the assessment of users and certification of TRIZ specialists. There are five levels of certification according to MATRIZ:

Level 1 – Basic
Level 2 – Intermediate
Level 3 – Practitioner
Level 4 – Specialist
Level 5 – TRIZ Master

Levels 1 to 3 are “educational” levels that require knowledge and practical experience in the use of specific TRIZ tools. Level 4 is the first professional level. For this level, no new knowledge is necessary, but application of practical experience through projects, submission of at least two ARIZ projects to MATRIZ for review, publications, presentations at international conferences are required. Level 5, TRIZ Master, requires the development of a new TRIZ tool or application. It is granted by the MATRIZ Certification Board of TRIZ Masters after a successful presentation of a dissertation.

CoCatalyst provides public TRIZ training to all three MATRIZ educational levels.