UK TRIZ User Group Latest

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It is nearly four weeks since the UK TRIZ User Group was set up on LinkedIn and we now have almost 50 members signed up. There have already been some interesting and useful discussions, topics covered including:

How to get started with TRIZ

Sharing of some free on-line TRIZ resources

Patent circumvention using TRIZ

Function Oriented Search as a way to get more effective technology scouting and Open Innovation

The Tongs Model for problem formulation

As I mentioned before, the purpose of this group is to advance TRIZ usage in the UK, to make the topic of TRIZ more accessible, to share learning and insights around TRIZ and enable TRIZ to make a stronger contribution to UK based innovation. You don’t have to be a TRIZ expert to get involved, you just have to want to learn more. Why not give it a try?

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