News from CoCatalyst

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you may have noticed that some time has passed since I sent out the last update from Cocatalyst. Why? you might ask; well, quite a lot has been happening at this end. The big news is that CoCatalyst is now partnering with The TRIZ Group, based in Detroit, USA – together I believe that we offer an unbeatable service in rapid breakthrough innovation. Here is a brief introduction to the benefits we can provide:

“Our company is in the business of systematic innovation. We help our clients add millions of dollars to their bottom line. We have resolved big impact product design and manufacturing challenges, delivering:

• Major cost savings of 30% or more
• Major energy savings of 50% or more
• Market breakthrough products, worth more than $20m a year in incremental sales
• Step-change reduction in complaints, totally eliminating the root cause of the problem
• Significant time-to-market reduction through radically reduced time-to-solution
• Strategic circumvention of competitor IP

As a direct consequence of our efforts, many Fortune 500 companies have resolved their most vexing technological challenges, filed for and obtained numerous patents, implemented breakthrough solutions, and introduced new products to the market.

The innovation methods we employ completely replace the hit-or-miss approach of brainstorming with a systematic process for developing innovative breakthrough concepts. Essentially, we offer a logical, direct path toward an optimal result, instead of a meandering approach via trial-and-error.

Our objective is to partner with you to achieve the same level of success for your company. We aim to help you and your colleagues tackle the types of problems that, once solved, will have the most profound impact companywide.”

Cocatalyst and The TRIZ Group are now working actively on a number of important client projects and over the coming months I will aim to share a bit more information about our approach. For the moment, click here for more about Delivering Breakthrough Innovation.