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this is your last change to bag the final couple of places left on our “Introduction to TRIZ workshop” next week. here are some examples of the kind of benefits that other organisations have achieved with TRIZ and which may be relevant to your organisation too:

TRIZ helped to develop a new refueling system for Boeing 767 aircraft, which resulted in extra sales of 1.5 billion US dollars. “A TRIZ workshop solution was developed for the 767 Tanker (air-to-air refueling) aircraft project. As a result of that TRIZ solution, the program was successfully launched with a customer who preferred the TRIZ solution over the competitions solution for the same system, thereby ordering aircraft from Boeing. “ Don Masingale Advanced Research Engineering Program Manager, Boeing, USA

“Innovation as a discipline – some may think that is an oxymoron. But you can use a process to achieve innovation. The use of TRIZ in our manufacturing environment is tracking millions of dollars saved.”
Esther Baldwin, Proliferation Manager, Intel Research

“TRIZ was used to develop Crest Whitestrips™ for Procter & Gamble (P&G). From a TRIZ perspective, the key problem was that tooth whitener should be on the teeth to bleach, and it should not be on the teeth to avoid contact with saliva. A TRIZ concept, a thin flexible film saturated with whitener that selectively adhered to teeth, proved to be the answer. Whitestrips was P&G’s most successful product launch ever, generating $130 million dollars of sales in the first year of operation while capturing over 45% of the whitening market.” Larry R. Smith President, Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies, Inc, USA

“During last 3 years, our TRIZ team did successful consulting activities. The economic benefit after applying TRIZ ideas is impossible to count (more than 1 billion US$)” Hyo June Kim, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea

Still reading? If you would like to find out more about TRIZ, this is your last chance to come along to our one day “Introduction to TRIZ”, in Cambridge on the 30th September (that’s Thursday next week). The final deadline for course bookings is the end of Monday 27th September.

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